Steroids are synthetic products similar to testosterone (male hormone). They improve the synthesis of proteins in cells and thus increase the production of cellular tissue. Their harmful, dangerous effects on the body and health can increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, accelerate recovery without improving strength and muscle power.

At present, in many sports, this doping by steroids (administered by injection, tablet, and patch) is still very present in the amateur world as professional bodybuilding and bodybuilding.

But what are the differences between a typically built body and a body made with steroids? What are the signs of using steroids?

Here are the five signs or "anomalies" of a steroid user:


Steroids have the power to multiply testosterone levels and convert to estrogen (female hormones).In large quantities, these estrogens provide men with feminine sexual features such as breasts.This breast development is called gynecomastia.Some bodybuilders resort to cosmetic surgery to erase this anomaly.

"Bull's Shape"

The "Bull's Shape" is a rapid development (hypertrophy) of the muscles of the upper body (shoulders twice more comprehensive than the hips, pectorals, trapezius, large dorsal).These muscles are more favorable to androgens than other tissues, which explains their rapid growth through the use of steroids.

Acne and Spots

It can cause acne and cysts, as well as skin and greasy hair. It is usually more prominent on the back and shoulders. Testosterone has a significant effect on the sebaceous glands, and not much can be done about it, so steroid users have spots on their backs and other times in other places.

The Belly

Steroid users often have a big belly even if the abs are apparent. It is no longer a symptom of steroid use, but of abuse, even of growth hormone. Your body loses its shape, and you lose that narrow waist, and you can never recover it, which is also not aesthetic or beautiful.

Changes in Short Periods

A person cannot gain 10 kilos of lean muscle in a month, no matter how much they try to deceive us. If you see a guy from your gym that two months ago was an incline and now suddenly he could compete in a fitness competition. I doubt that.

Lack of Strength

The inconsistency between the impressive musculature of the steroid user and the low loads he raises wears or pulls as he trains.The concern for aesthetics, body worship and unconsciousness lead to many follies that can sometimes be irreversible!


Steroids is a wonder of modern medical science. It is helping people both medically and physically. However, there are some side effects also available. So know before you take steroids. It is better to consult a doctor or physician before taking steroids or its esters.

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