Natural anabolic is a legal product that is freely available on the internet. These bodybuilding supplements are, for the most part, medicinal plant extracts with clinically proven therapeutic effects. They act naturally. There are the foods that make you fat, others that make you lose weight, others that improve your health; supplements are made for mass muscle gain.

Here we present a list of common steroids to use.

Top 5: Most Common Steroids to Use


DIANABOL is a potent anabolic steroid, given its ability to accelerate mass muscle gain. It helps the body quickly produce new cells to build muscle. DIANABOL also has an anti-catabolic effect, that is to say, it fights against the melting of lean muscle during the melting phase. It also boosts insulin production and improves protein synthesis.

As side effects, DIANABOL is very toxic for both. It promotes, among other things, water retention, testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, hypertension, sleep disorder, aggression, increased levels of bad cholesterol.


ANAVAR, whose active ingredient is Oxandrolone, is anabolic steroid qualified as mild. It promotes nitrogen retention (necessary for muscle building). It increases the level of testosterone in the blood by decreasing the level of SHBG. ANAVAR also offers better muscle oxygenation by increasing the synthesis of red blood cells.

In the list of side effects of ANAVAR, there is acne, baldness, the problem of the normal secretion of testosterone, and some impact on the cardiovascular system.


TRENBOLONE helps the body to synthesize proteins and better extract nutrients better. It is handy for boosting mass muscle gain. It has a doping action that allows the user to be stronger and more enduring. TRENBOLONE also increases the number of red blood cells.

Trenbolone is strictly banned in the European Union even for its use as a growth hormone for cattle. Its side effects are devastating for health. Gynecomastia, cardiovascular problems, and liver problems are among the consequences of its use.


WINSTROL is an anabolic used to eliminate bad fats. It is mainly used during the dry period for those who want to maintain their muscle mass. It is not recommended to develop the musculature, but only to support it. It also helps to lose weight by burning fat.

Winstrol is, unfortunately, toxic to the liver. It also impacts cholesterol by decreasing the good and increasing the bad. Another danger is for consumers of this product: cardiac hypertrophy.


CLENBUTEROL or Clen optimizes the metabolism to burn calories. It is very useful for melting fat and supporting muscle mass. It is the anti-catabolism product par excellence. It also helps to increase endurance.

Like all anabolic steroids, CLENBUTEROL causes side effects. It causes tachycardia, excessive sweating,sleep disturbances, tremors, and mood swings.

CLENBUTROL is a natural alternative that can be consumed for both men and women. It helps to lose fat and preserve lean muscle mass.

Final Words

Steroids are one of the wonders of modern medical science. The steroids mentioned above are the most commonly used steroids around the world. Except those, there are also many other steroids in the market.

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